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The Ideal Accessory for your Fountain pens - Fountain Pen Cartridges

Fountain pens have been the inspiration for writers, since time immemorial. The beautiful calligraphy of olden times, emerging from simplistic writing tools like birds quills, has shown man’s passion for the art of writing for ages. It is this fascination that made him invent better writing tools. We, at Woods N’ Dreams, share that fascination.

Our Wooden Fountain Pens

Fountain pens are timeless. With time, each wood develops its own unique texture. In fact, some people love to use their pens for years. Understanding this valuable sentiment, we have brought the best range of pens, practically to your door-step, through our online web-site. What’s more, we also make available the most suitable accessories like fountain pen cartridges and inks to make use of your favourite pen in an optimum manner; for as long as you want to. There is a good chance that you may never want to stop.

Varied features of the Fountain pen cartridges

The cartridges we offer are of a universal size and fit all kinds of Fountain pens, one and a half inch long. It comes as a pack of 12 cartridges for universal fountain pens. The fountain pen cartridges are available in the shades of Velvet Black, Midnight Blues, Sherwood Green, Chocolat, Fiesta Red, Tanzanite, Naples blue, American Blue, Ebony Purple, Arabian Rose, Purple Mojo, and Tropical Blue. What makes it even better is that we ship them free anywhere in the U.S. With our fountain pen cartridges, you have only to let your imagination soar and the twelve fascinating colors they come in will do the rest.
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Private Reserve Fiesta Red 12 Pack Cartridge Fountain Pen Ink C09 - Lanier Pens
Private Reserve Fiesta Red Fountain Pen 12 Pack Ink Cartridges - 12 Pack 05