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Cigar Twist Pens : Easy To Use

Looking for a great Cigar Twist Pen that will last a lifetime? The Lanier Cigar Twist Pens are the answer. Each pen is individually built to our customers specifications and only the most durable and high grade of materials are used.

The Perfect Pen For All Occasions

The Cigar Twist Pens by Lanier are the perfect pens for everyday use or for those who love the look and feel of the perfect wood body. The choice of wood body is be chosen from over 60 different types of natural exotic woods. These exotic woods come from all over the world including Australia, Asia and the United States. All of the exotic wood is then hand chosen to make some of the most exquisite pens in the world. Once the wood bodies have been perfectly made then the plating options are applied. Plating options are everything from 24kt Gold to Brushed Nickel. After this process is then the Cigar Twist Pen is then coated with a high gloss seal and hand polished. The gloss on these pens by Lanier will last a lifetime. One simple twist and you are using a Cigar Twist Pen that will literally glide across the paper.

Refill Inks

With the operation of the smooth twist system the Cigar Twist Pen is very easy to use. These pens are bigger than the slimline and many like these for everyday use. These pens are warm and smooth to the touch. These pens write in the colors of black or blue use the Schmidt P900 Parker style ball-point refill. For those who do a lot of writing be sure to order extra refills.

Cigar Twist Pens Are Great Gifts

Cigar Twist Pens have long been used as gifts for both executives and corporations. This is a marvellous way to show appreciation. Each of the Lanier Cigar Twist Pens can be personalized with engraving. Add a special message or add a name to the lucky ones receiving these as a gift or award. Add elegance with the Rosewood gift box and pencil to create a matched set.