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Conklin Coronet Ball Point Pen Collection: The Legendary Name For Fine Writing Instrument

The Coronet Collection, A Minimalist & Modern Ballpoint Pen!

Conklin Company

Established in 1898, the Conklin Pen Company® founded by Roy Conklin, an innovator from Toledo, Ohio USA, is today regarded as one of the most significant and innovative American writing instruments manufacturers from the golden era of fountain pens

Conklin Coronet Pen Collection

Recognized and beloved across the globe for their innovations within the pen industry since 1898, the Conklin Pen Company® is proud to advertise the latest addition to their extensive catalog. Introducing, the Coronet™ collection, a minimalist and modern fountain and ballpoint pen set featuring solid colors with a high gloss finish.

Conklin Coronet Ballpoint Pen Collection

Conklin Coronet Ballpoint Pen. Minimalist in style, with a very modern look, the Coronet Ballpoint collection of pens is handmade from bars of solid brass coated n a high gloss metallic lacquer, with the cap constructed of lacquer-coated stainless steel.

Design & Features

The Coronet™ Ballpoint Pen collection is hand made from bars of stainless steel and solid brass, dipped in vibrant lacquer and is undoubtedly as resilient and strong as it is beautiful. Featuring a nearly flat top design and slim body, each pen is hand assembled and paired with silver accents as well as a classic L-shaped Conklin clip. Mid weight, and substantially sized yet not overly large, this pen is sure to please when in hand.


Due to the lacquering process, each Coronet™ Ballpoint Pen boasts a high gloss finish and four color options to choose from: true Black, vibrant Turquoise, lively Orange, or eye-catching Olive.


The Conklin Coronet Ballpoint Pen uses international Parker® style refills.

Every Conklin Coronet Ballpoint Pen features a smooth operating twist activation mechanism, and the very popular Parker-style ballpoint refill. You simply twist the pen to right or left and you’re ready to start writing. You will have the options of selecting both Black or Blue ink and a fine or medium sized Schmidt P900 Parker style ball-point refill.


Each Conklin® pen is housed in a luxury gift box, the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one who also appreciates the finer things in life.