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Handcrafted Wooden Pencils Are Inviting

We have changed the way the world looks at pencils.

When we think of pencils we often picture the yellow #2 pencils we all used in school. Looking at one of those pencils there is nothing inviting making us want to use them. This all changes with Lanier's Handcrafted Wooden Pencils. Lanier's has changed the way the world looks at pencils.

Largest Collection of Handcrafted Pencils

Choosing the wooden pencil of your choice has never been easier. We have one of the largest selections of handcrafted pencils available. So many that you may just change your mind a few times before deciding on a final choice.


Once you have decided on the type of wooden pencil you would like then it is time to pick out the exotic type of wood you would like. We have 60 different types of exotic woods from all over the world. The body of the handcrafted wooden pencil is then turned on a special lath by an expert in this field. Each pencil is made to perfection. Once the body of the pencil is completed then the option plating is added. Plating options range from 24kt Gold to Brushed Nickel. These wooden pencils are made to your expectations. Not only are these wooden pencils appealing to the eye but a writing essential you will not want to be without.

Ways Of Operation

Our wooden pencils can be made to work with two different ways to operate. The first is the twist style. When you are ready ust twist the pencil to the left or right and the lead is ready to use. Our other option offered is the push button style. Push the button and the lead is ready for you to begin writing. These wooden pencils use the best of the high grade lead to be found around the world. Recommended is using the best of lead for the smoothest writing capability. Pencil leads come in .5 and .7 mm.