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Lanier's Exquisite Comfort Pencils

Pencils That Look Expensive But Are Easy On The Pocket

Those who use their pencils a lot for things such as drafting, sketching or just everyday use then the Lanier's Comfort Pencils are for you. These pencils are not only beautiful in their looks and design but are also so well balanced. Those who use mechanical pencils in everyday work and writing will be delighted with the feel of these comfort pencils!

Workmanship and Durability

Every Comfort Pencil is individually made to the customers specifications. With over 60 natural exotic woods to choose from, obtaining the look you desire is easy. The natural exotic woods come from all over the world including places such as Australia, Africa and the United States. Once you have chosen the exotic wood you then have the pleasure of choosing the type of plating option you would like to trim your Comfort Pencil. Choices range from 14kt Gold to Brushed Nickel. Every one of these comfort pencils are painstaking handmade. Hand turned on special lathes right down to the hand polishing at the very end of the pencil making process. Each comfort pencil is inspected at every step and nothing less than perfection is obtained. These perfectly balanced pencils make writing become an artwork.

Comfort Pencil Grips and Lead

Each of Lanier's Comfort Pencils are available with a black rubber grip for added comfort. These pencils use the .7mm pencil lead with a click down lead dispenser that is always trouble-free. We use the best in materials so that our comfort pencils are always able to remain trouble-free and glide along your writing surface.

Promotional Comfort Pencils

These exquisite handcrafted comfort pencils are ordered from around the world to be used as promotional pencils, corporate awards ceremonies and even a gift for that special person in your life. All comfort pencils can be engraved for perfect personalization. If desiring a pen and pencil matching set the twin Cross Style Comfort Pen can also be ordered.