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The Elite Rollerball Pen: For The Most Elite Writer

Elite Rollerball Pens Meets Your Fine Taste

Do you like high-end products that are well worth the money you pay for them?
Are you proud to have the best in the line of rollerball pens?
Then Lanier is here to help. The Elite Rollerball Pen meets the highest standards in the world of rollerball pens. Let these beautiful handcrafted pens bring out the best in you and your writing.

Style & Craftsmanship
Our custom Elite Rollerball Pens are perfect as your daily writing instrument, or an added attraction for your pen collection. Each rollerball pen has its own look because it’s handmade from one of the world’s finest exotic woods, and trimmed in 24kt Gold or Brushed Satin plating.

Experience & Distinction
Each of the Lanier's Elite Rollerball Pens is unique and there will never be two exactly alike. Choosing a natural exotic hardwood out of a selection of over 60 choices is just the beginning in the making of the Elite Rollerball Pen. These exotic non endangered woods come from all corners of the globe. The Australian outback's to the plains of wild Africa back to the United States hold all of the wood what we make these elite pens from. After you have chosen the type of wood that you like then it is time to pick the trim which is from 24kt Gold to Brushed Satin. The body is fully handcrafted and then sealed with a high gloss sealant then polished by hand. You will also have plating options for the nib, cap and the clip. Each step in the process of making the Elite Rollerball Pen is completed by an expert in pen making and put through quality control. Each Elite Pen is unique due to the exotic wood and the plating choices and options.

The Elite Rollerball Pen is easily refillable by using the Metal Body Schmidt 5888 Safety Ceramic Tip Rollerball ink refills. These pens also come with a screw on cap that fits both ends of the pen.

f you are looking for a special gift for someone who loves to write then this Elite Rollerball Pen is the perfect choice. Not only is this a beautiful gift it is also something that no other individual will have the match to. Due to the exotic wood chosen by you the grains and hues will be different from any other. For a gift that will be passed down to generations it doesn't get much better than this.