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Monteverde Lamy Ballpoint Pen Refills

A World of Luxury and Innovation

Monteverde ® Established in 1999, are very proud to be The World's Largest Single Source For Pen Refills. Fun and creative choices are offered to our customers by providing the largest variety of ink types and colors in refills that fit most major fine pen brands. They have created unprecedented designs and technologically advanced innovations in pens, pen refills and inks. We hope you enjoy exploring all the options that are now made available to you by Monteverde's® premium refills.

Types of Pen Refills

Monteverde is known for their high quality pens refills designed for all major brands of pens. They specialize is making pen refills for Cross Pens, Pelikan Pens, Montblanc Pens, Sheaffer Pens and Waterman Pens.

Monteverde Lamy Ballpoint Pen Refills

Lamy Pens ballpoint pens are only filled using the Lamy M16 refill. These types of refills have been traditionally made proprietary by Lamy, Germany, meaning that a common Schmidt or Parker-style refill would not fit inside a Lamy Safari. So Monteverde L13 ballpoint refill is here to help you by providing an alternative at a lesser cost and more variety of colors and point sizes.

Monteverde L13 ballpoint refill to fit Lamy ballpoint pens compatible with the M16 refill is engineered with Soft-Roll ballpoint technology, Swiss-made writing tip and low viscosity ink that produces excellent flow and smoothness. Compact ballpoint pen refill with adaptor, waterproof.

Besides the usual Black and Blue ink colors that Lamy offers, Monteverde opens up the color palette with 8 additional hues, including turquoise, orange and blue-black. Writing capacity varies according to line size from approx. 4,500 to 8,000 m.

The reputation of the Monteverde L13 refills grows with every piece of feedback we receive from our customers. The consensus has been overwhelmingly positive. Talk of the Monteverde L13 refill.

Features of the Monteverde Lamy Ballpoint Pen Refill

  • Standard size refill by Monteverde
  • The latest technology for the smoothest writing experience
  • Suitable for LAMY Type ball pens
  • Smooth, comfortable writing
  • Low viscosity ink and large capacity metal refill
  • Nickel plated brass tube and Swiss tip
  • Pen refill with adaptor & waterproof.

Available Monteverde Lamy Ballpoint Pen Refills

Our current Monteverde Cross Pen Refill offerings include the following pen refills:

  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill black ink
  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill blue ink
  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill green ink
  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill purple ink
  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill brown ink
  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill orange ink
  • Monteverde Lamy ballpoint pen refill pink ink