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Promotional Ball Point Pens

Promotional Rollerball Pens are Just the Right Gift for Your Clients

Custom Ballpoint Pens

Even in the digital age, pens still top the list of the most popular promotional items. But what makes pens such a successful promotional gift? Personalised pens are not only timeless, they are also extremely useful, giving the recipient enormous added value. Companies should always strive to make effective and targeted use of promotional items. In terms of the target group, pens have a huge advantage over other types of business gifts because promotional pens can be given to potential customers, existing customers, business partners and employees.
All of our pens are tailor made all of our customers have the option of ordering a pen that defines them. You can choose the wood, choose from the plating option and you can even get your pen engraved. If you intend gifting the pen to someone, you can even choose from a Maple or Rosewood box.feel.

Why Ballpoint Pens?

Ballpoint pens are a favourite writing instruments all over the world. The reason for them being so is very simple. They are easy to use, very practical, functional and non messy. For some however, it is not just about how practical they are; they consider these writing instruments something that can be collected. Therefore they go out of their way to find the best and the most unique. If you are one of these people, our pens at Lanier are ideal for you.

The Perfect Gift

Our handcrafted pens are one such gift. Therefore, when you buy one for yourself or for someone else you should keep in mind that it is probably something that you will want to pass on to your children. Engraving these pens makes them all the more special. If you are gifting it, it marks the date and the occasion, making the pen all the more valuable several years or generations later.
If you have a special pen that you would like to make more personal we can help. If you have a special promotion in mind that would involve gifting items that have been engraved with your company logo or personalized with text we would be glad to help. We can laser engrave Pens and Pens Gift Box or just about any item you would like to use in your promotion.
Let us provide a writing tool that’s also a flawless business gift. At Lanier Pens, you can be sure that you’ll love the promotional gift you ordered. Your 100% satisfaction is always guaranteed.