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The Baron Rollerball Pen: An Exclusive Design

The Baron Rollerball Pen was designed with discriminating collectors in mind

Baron Rollerball Pens are not only beautiful but are easy to use. If you are looking for the perfect hand-crafted pen have a look at the Rollerball ink pens by Lanier.

Style & Craftsmanship

Baron Rollerball Pens are very comfortable to write with and are made to be durable and last a lifetime. These pens come available in both Rhodium and Titanium Nitride Gold.

Experience & Distinction

Our hand-crafted pens are made with natural exotic wood that comes from all over the world. When choosing the type of exotic wood there are about 60 different types to choose from. Having your personality show in a writing utensil has never been easier. Once you have chosen the type of exotic wood it is time to pick how you would like your Lanier Baron Rollerball Pens embellished. We offer numerous plating options to finish the perfect writing instrument. Once your pen is constructed it is then sealed with a high-gloss sealant for protection and hand polished. These Lanier Baron Rollerball Pens will last forever and many times are passed down as a family heirloom. Time and again our customers cannot figure out why they went so long without a Lanier Baron Rollerball Pen. Once your pen is completely finished it is then ready for engraving. Having the final details added makes this pen one of the most unique the world over.

In addition to the handmade and hand polished body, our ink pens ease of use and smooth writing is complimented by the Metal Body Schmidt 5888 Safety Ceramic Tip Rollerball ink refills. When you write with one of our Baron Rollerball Pens, you’ll feel like it’s gliding across the paper making writing effortless and artistic.

Personalization of your pen is complete with engraving. Giving the Baron Rollerball Pens let's that special someone know how important and unique you are to them. Knowing that they will never get another pen that is exactly the same tells them how special they truly are. When being given as a gift the Baron Rollerball Pens selection can be matched with a Fountain Pen for a lovely set. Gift boxed in a Rosewood or Maple box adds a special charm.