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The Classic Rollerball Pen: An Exclusive Design

Classic Rollerball Pen , A True Writer With An Exclusive Design.

The Lanier Classic Roller Ball Pen has the style and grace. These Classic Roller Ball Pens have the quality you've been looking for at a price that can't be ignored!

Style & Craftsmanship

Exotic wood, and 24kt Gold plating gives our Classic Rollerball Pens its own beautiful profile. Your ink pen will never go out of vogue, and will be the same sleek and trendy writing instrument for many years.

Experience & Distinction

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a warm feeling writing instrument made out of exotic wood, then Lanier’s Classic Rollerball Pens can be made out of some of the world’s finest, elegant hardwoods. Each ink pen is hand turned and hand polished from woods collected from infamous forests of the Australian outback, Africa’s plains, Asia’s jungles and the United States’ frontier.

Your Classic Rollerball Pen can also be dressed up by choosing the plating option that compliments the wood. Our 24kt Gold plating will bring the warmth of certain woods to life, while the Brushed Satin on the cap, nib and clip will give your cooler woods a snap of brilliance.


In addition to the handmade and hand polished body, our ink pens ease of use and smooth writing is complimented by the Metal Body Schmidt 5888 Safety Ceramic Tip Rollerball ink refills. When you write with one of our Classic Rollerball Pens, you’ll feel gliding across the paper making your writing effortless and artistic. Each ink pen features a removable cap that screws on to the front or end of the pen

Personalization of your pen is complete with engraving. Giving the Claasic Rollerball Pens let's that special someone know how important and unique you are to them. Knowing that they will never get another pen that is exactly the same tells them how special they truly are. When being given as a gift the rollerball pen selection can be matched with a Fountain Pen for a lovely set. Gift boxed in a Rosewood or Maple box adds a special charm.