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Promotional Pencils

Promotional Mechanical Pencils are Just the Right Gift for Your Clients

Custom Pencils

Used in offices, classrooms, and homes, mechanical pencils are one of the most useful promotional products available. Whether it's students taking notes, executives jotting down strategy, or architects sketching out designs, everyone can use a custom mechanical pencil! Personalized with your company's logo, Lanier Pen’s selection of promotional mechanical pencils will make sure nothing goes unwritten!

Why Pencils?

The most important factor of all our Lanier wood pencils besides quality is that they are sure to make a lasting impression not only on you but on your clients as well. Even better is the fact that you will never come across someone else who has a pencil quite like yours. It is true, all of our pencils are personalised as well. We understand that two people will never have the same preference for operating styles and therefore our wood pencils come in 2 different operating styles, a twist style and a push button style. Both these operating styles are available on most of our designs and you can choose them while customising your pencil. Our pencils also use the finest leads in the world. We recommend that you use our lead for the perfectly smooth writing. The leads are available in .5 and .7 mm.

The Perfect Gift

Write something permanent or temporary with a personalized pen and pencil set by Lanier Pens. Look no further for a wide selection of Lanier Pens colors and designs in the functional reliability of a ballpoint and mechanical pencil set. Add a memorable touch with custom engraving that will turn this useful gift into a set to be cherished. All sets come in gift boxes. Give your student, graduate, husband, wife, or doctor a gift they will be happy to always have around with a pen and pencil set by Lanier Pens.