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The Right Ink-Perfect Accompaniments To Perfect Fountain Pens

It is the Universal rule that when things work in pairs, the corresponding bodies have to work in perfect tandem. So it is with pens and ink. Inks have been around for centuries now; even before the fountain pens in fact. In Woods n’ Dreams our Bottles of ink are as important to us as our Fountain pens.

Features of Bottles of Ink

No pen worth its name can give optimum performance without the right ink. The ink we sell through our online site is absolutely non-toxic as it is pH neutral which means that it is neither acidic nor alkaline and has the characteristics similar to pure water. It comes with anti-clogging and fast drying features. The bottles of ink have a capacity of 50ml or 1.69 fl. oz. They are smooth flowing and have excellent coverage.

Different colours and formulations

The bottles of ink are available in many different shades namely Midnight blue, Sherwood green, Tanzanite, Chocolat, American blue, Arabian rose and the simple classic all time favourite, black. For those who want quick drying of the ink, they can opt to buy the Ultra fast drying ink. It promises faster drying of the ink and is perfect for writers who are left-handed. It also comes equipped with all the other features of the regular ink mentioned earlier.

One cannot get an optimum use of the excellent fountain pens that we sell, without the right ink. The bottles of ink that we have on offer will help you use your favourite pen in the most appropriate manner that it so truly deserves.