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Monteverde Inks Cartridges

Monteverde Cartridges For Your Precious Pens

Over 40 years of experience in the luxury pen trade have granted Monteverde USA the ability to truly understand the market for fine writing instruments. Each pen is crafted with its users in mind to ensure unparalleled quality with reasonable price points..

Monteverde produce a range of cartridges which are compatible with most brands of pen. They specialise in high quality ink refills for fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pens, and have a number of innovations, most notably their ITF - Ink Treatment Formula, which they say improves ink-flow quality, extends cap off-time,improves ink-drying time on paper, lubricates and protects the ink feeding system from clogging and corrosion

What do we know about Monteverde's Ink Cartridges?

For starters, they're made in Austria, and the inks come from the same factory that makes Montblanc. The new Monteverde inks behave similarly to Montblanc inks, in terms of dry time, feathering, etc. That is, the inks dry very quickly, even with a wet nib on Tomoe River paper, and the feathering and bleed-through is minimal, even on cheap copy paper. In case you haven’t noticed, these properties are basically my “gold standards” for inks.

Features Monteverde Ink Cartridges:

Fountain pens provide an elegant touch as you jot down memos or make important checklists. The Monteverde fountain pen ink cartridges allow you to add more ink to your fountain pen when it runs dry.

  • Extended cap-off time means the pen won't dry out too quickly if the cap is off.
  • Ink-feeding system is lubricated to prevent corrosion and clogging.
  • This fine pen refill also offers improved ink-drying time on paper.
  • These standard-size ink cartridges allow a smooth flow of ink.

A box of 12 Monteverde fountain pen ink cartridges. Monteverde fountain pen ink cartridges are standard short international size, and will fit most fountain pens that accept international cartridges. Please note that they will not fit in pens by Lamy, Sheaffer (except the VFM), Parker, Cross, Pilot, Sailor and many others that use proprietary cartridges.