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Cross Style Comfort Ballpoint Pen

Makes Writing Easy As 1-2-3

If comfort is what you’re looking for in a ball point pen, then you need to own a Cross Style Comfort Pen from Lanier. Our perfectly balanced Comfort Cross Pen comes in a variety of exotic woods, colors and plating options so your pen is beautiful as well as functional. You also have the option of adding a black rubber ‘comfort grip’ to your custom-made wood pen at no additional charge. Now you have a pen that is not only beautiful and one-of-a-kind, but comfortable to use too!

Lanier’s ball point pen is the most comfortable in our line of wood pens. Yet it’s still a sought-after pen for its beauty by users and collectors alike because it’s a bold writing instrument.

Making It Your Own Pen Is Easy Too

Your Cross Style Comfort Pen can be customized so it is truly “your pen”. You can choose from over sixty exotic woods from around the world. Your pen can be made from wood from many places including Australia, the Dark Continent of Africa, Asia and even the frontier forests of the United States. Each pen is hand turned and then hand polished and coated with a permanent gloss finish for everlasting beauty and durability.

The beauty of your Cross pen can also be enhanced with 24kt Gold plating, or you can choose from the several other plating options that can be used on the tip, cap and clip. No matter what plating you select, you are sure to get a very comfortable and durable pen that will lasts for many generations.

Refill Inks

The Cross Style Comfort Pen uses the popular Schmidt C600 Cross Style medium tip ballpoint refill and you can choose from optional colors. The Cross pen features a classic and smooth-operating twist activation mechanism.

Personalized Gift

The Cross Style Comfort Pen and matching Comfort Pencil is the perfect promotional pen set and can be personalized for awards and other corporate gifts. You can also personalize your Cross Style Comfort Pen for yourself or as a gift, by having your pen engraved, in addition to a Rosewood gift box. You can also order a matching Cross Style Comfort Pencil to make your gift or collectible even more special.